About Dragonfly's Laughter

I've enjoyed various hand crafts over the years, doing everything from needlework to jewelry. I stumbled into spinning yarn quite by accident one summer, much to my delight, when someone placed a drop spindle into my hands and showed me how to spin.

I was hooked.

Eventually I also learned to use the spinning wheel, and when I found myself with more yarn than I knew what to do with it seemed natural to start selling it.

... ... ...

The roots of Dragonfly's Laughter are in 2011 when I began selling jewelry and other handmade items. Eventually I stepped away from that, but you can see that history in my earlier posts here.

When I chose to open a yarn shop it made sense for me to simply reopen Dragonfly's Laughter, because after all I am still selling handmade goodies, even though precisely what I'm selling has changed.

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